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A Biography of America

A Biography of America presents history not simply as a series of irrefutable facts to be memorized, but as a living narrative.

Prominent historians -- Donald L. Miller, Pauline Maier, Louis P. Masur, Waldo E. Martin, Jr., Douglas Brinkley, and Virginia Scharff -- present America's story as something that is best understood from a variety of perspectives.

Thought-provoking debates and lectures encourage critical analysis of the forces that have shaped America. First-person narratives, photos, film footage, and documents reveal the human side of American history -- how historical figures affected events, and the impact of these events on citizens' lives.

Produced by WGBH Boston in cooperation with the Library of Congress and the National Archives and Records Administration, and with the assistance of Instructional Resources Corporation. Recommended for high school and above. Twenty-six half-hour shows.

Program descriptions:

Program 1 - New World Encounters
Program 2 - English Settlement
Program 3 - Growth and Empire
Program 4 - The Coming of Independence
Program 5 - A New System of Government
Program 6 - Westward Expansion
Program 7 - The Rise of Capitalism
Program 8 - The Reform Impulse
Program 9 - Slavery
Program 10 - The Coming of the Civil War
Program 11 - The Civil War
Program 12 - Reconstruction
Program 13 - American at the Centennial
Program 14 - Industrial Supremacy
Program 15 - The New City
Program 16 - The West
Program 17 - Capital and Labor
Program 18 - TR and Wilson
Program 19 - A Vital Progressivism
Program 20 - The Twenties
Program 21 - FDR and the Depression
Program 22 - World War II
Program 23 - The Fifties
Program 24 - The Sixties
Program 25 - Contemporary History
Program 26 - The Redemptive Imagination

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Graduation cap with DVDGet a copy of NNPS graduation ceremonies on DVD. Current year is only $20 until June 30! Ceremonies from 1998 to 2018 are $25. Exact change or check/money order is required. You may pick up your DVD or have it mailed to you at no extra cost. Order form for graduation videos

Telecom Program Highlights

  • Two years of hands-on experience in all aspects of television production
  • First-year students make broadcast-worthy material
  • Students earn college credit
  • TV-II students receive honors credit
  • Classes are taught by a faculty of working professionals
  • Students use state-of-the-art media production facilities
  • Students learn all phases of studio and remote digital broadcasting and production
  • Students can participate in local and national media associations
  • Students can compete using their skills on a state and national level (SkillsUSA)


NNPS-TV and the Telecommunications Center create award-winning programs. See the awards our team has won, including Telly, Videographer, Communicator awards.

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