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Nelson STEM Knight, Carver Teacher Tech Expo, Watkins Family Literacy and STEM Night

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Dr. Lee Vreeland

Sports Highlights Feb. 2020:

An Achievable Dream Pres./CEO Dr. Lee Vreeland and former Huntington athlete Eric McCaskill
Fuzion Fitness workout

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Get in shape with Alexis and the Fuzion Fitness team!
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The Ocean World

fish"The Ocean World of John Stoneman" is a personal look at the wonders, mysteries, and excitement of the world that exists beneath the waves. Viewers join him on his expeditions to underwater destinations.

Canada is a country that has a very close association with the marine environment. Bordered by three oceans and sharing the largest fresh water lakes in the world, Canada is indeed, a land of the sea.

In this 13 part series, underwater filmmaker John Stoneman looks at the unique relationship Canada has with the sea and the wonders found hidden beneath its surface.

Stoneman, often referred to as “Canada’s Cousteau,” has a lifetime of experience with the sea, and is generally recognized as the leading producer of underwater films in the world today.

"The Ocean World of John Stoneman" is a personal look at the wonders, mysteries, and excitement of the world that exists beneath the waves.

Approximately 30 minutes per episode, this series is geared toward students in grades 4-12.

Program titles:


Of Whales and Men

Dungeons of the Deep

Harp Seal

Ice World

In Search of Sharks

The Weird and the Wonderful

Killer Whale

Water, Water Everywhere

The Western Shores

Lord of the Arctic

Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes

Song of the Sea

Telecom Program Highlights

  • Two years of hands-on experience in all aspects of television production
  • First-year students make broadcast-worthy material
  • Students earn college credit
  • TV-II students receive honors credit
  • Classes are taught by a faculty of working professionals
  • Students use state-of-the-art media production facilities
  • Students learn all phases of studio and remote digital broadcasting and production
  • Students can participate in local and national media associations
  • Students can compete using their skills on a state and national level (SkillsUSA)


NNPS-TV and the Telecommunications Center create award-winning programs. See the awards our team has won, including Telly, Videographer, Communicator awards.

Graduation videos

Graduation cap with DVDGet a copy of NNPS graduation ceremonies on DVD. Ceremonies from 1998 to 2019 are available for $25. Exact change or check/money order is required. You may pick up your DVD or have it mailed to you at no extra cost. Order form for graduation videos

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We are seeking students to join the award-winning Telecom team! Open to all juniors and seniors of Newport News Public Schools. See your guidance counselor or call us at (757) 591-4687 for more information. See the Telecom FAQ.

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